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The motto of the School is: Sanctitas, Sapientia et Excellence Which means Holiness, Wisdom and Excellence. The motto depicts the fact that in HOSCAPS education is comprehensive and holistic, covering moral, academic and industrials training; in other words, according to Piaget, we train the affective, the cognitive and the psychomotor domains. This is evident in the teaching-learning programs we pursue.


To champion the course of Catholic education in the production of students who would stand out very tall in intellect, innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and integrity; students who would thoroughly undergo true holistic education and come out with ideal scholarly qualities.


To achieve the impossible. The import of this vision statement is that, the very good and outstanding achievements that others world find impossible, HOSCAPS would endeavor to achieve, hence attaining leadership in excellence, to become the School most known for producing world acclaimed, innovative and entrepreneurial leaders who are holy, wise and excellent.


Rev. Fr. Jesse Amedzi the Founder of the School, having worked in many schools in Britain and after visiting StonyHurst College, a Jesuit special institution in Lancashire UK, and having been so well impressed about how wonderfully children could perform, and for that matter the amazing quality of products turned out from that institution, he conceived the dream of establishing a replica of Stonyhurst in Ghana, precisely in Ho.

As if by providence, Kent and Christy hart, our God-given treeless benevolent benefactors, who are staunch Catholics, were having a dream of establishing a school for the poor and deprived children who would be given the untarnished Catholic education, based on high Catholic moral standards, producing the best type of educated children that Ghana and the world as a whole would have one day as future leaders. The pursuance of these dreams resulted in the birth of Holy Spirit Catholic Preparatory School (HOSCAPS)

The school within five years in 2009 grew in student population to about 600. However, in order to effect a salient and more productive re-organization of the school, whereby the number of students in the classes would be handy for effective management, the students population was scaled down to about 300, whereby no class enrolment would exceed 36.

The first batch of products was registered for the Basic Education Certification Examination (BECE) in 2006 and from that year up to date, the School has always registered 100% passes at the BECE. Frantic efforts are still ongoing to further move the school towards its ultimate target of attending/achieving the state of total excellence.

The organogram showing the hierarchical structure of administrative authority, in descending order, is as given below:

  • The Bishop/Patron
  • The School Management Committee
  • The Parish Priest
  • The School Administrator
  • The Assistant Administrator
  • The Unit Heads
  • The Teaching Staff
  • The Non-Teaching / Ancillary Staff
  • The Student Representative Council
  • The School Prefects

HOSCAPS is a basic school that starts from the Crèche, Nursery, which together with Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2, forms the Pre-School level. 

The Primary level is made up of Primary 1 to Primary 6 and Junior High 1 to Junior High 3 is the Junior High level. (Children ranging between the ages of 1 and half and years are admitted in the Nursery and at 4 and 5 years averagely, they go through KG1 and KG2 respectively; entering P1 at six years) Administratively, the School has Sub-Heads for the Pre-School, the Lower Primary, the Upper Primary and the Junior High Levels respectively, all of whom work towards the School Administrator who is the Administrative Head of the School (akin to Headmaster).

The motto, vision and mission of the School calumniate in setting the policy guidelines of the Shool which state among other that the School is unique in its setting and is targeted at operating functionally through processes that would serve the supreme interest of developing the School in its totality. We might adopt good practices from elsewhere, but would not just follow the crowd; we stand out on our own and endeavor to work to produce students who would imbibe holistic education, based upon holiness, wisdom and excellence.

HOSCAPS is targeted at putting out human products, at the basic educational level, with fundamental endowments of exceptional high qualities for development into forming the cream of leadership, entrepreneurship, etc. and resulting in a meaningful reliable and stable life.

This defines our objective of achieving the impossible! 

It is worthy of note that the School purposefully operates with the Ghana Education Service as well as implements the Roman Catholic educational policy guidelines.

This was composed by the Reverend Proprietor himself, who is a top-class Musicologist, and the lyrics are based on the motto of the School as stated below:

//: The art of learning 

The art begins with the Culture of Reading: //

//: Hunger for Holiness, Thirst for Wisdom

Read veraciously to excel in everything: //

//: And sing harmoniously, And sing harmoniously, And sing harmoniously to pleas your Maker://


The School Crest, as above, depicts a dove hovering over the motto of the School embedded within a pair of green palm fronts. The ‘Ts’ in the words of the motto are done in cresses; there are three Perpetual flames and the abbreviated name of the School, The 3 cresses means Suffering, Hard work and Endurance and the Flames means Faith, Hope and Love.

HOSCAPS, is set at the base. The Dove with the Flames represents the Holy Spirit of GOD, the Patron of the School and divine Source of, and from the crest as per what the colors represent is given below:

WHITE: Holiness and Purity of God the Father

RED: Wisdom, Blood (of Jesus), Fire (of Holy Spirit), Sacrifice, Salvation

BLUE: Excellence, the World, See, Heaven, Sky, Mary

GREEN: Life, Growth, Development, Earth, Us (Humans), Victory

YELLOW: Kingship, Leadership, the Power and Authority of a Ruler, Incorruptible, Desirable and Supreme Glory.

School Administrator
School Manager
School Management
Teaching Staff